Saturday, October 13, 2007

Thotakura, Bacchali kura, Gongura

Our neighbor (Rajani) has a wonderful patio garden with all the above leafy produce! Gongura plants have grown almost 10 feet tall, and that too in a pot! Well, her wonderful vegetable produce in & around the patio motivated me to have my own garden, so I had promptly requested Rajani for some seeds. She was very kind, she distributed some of her locally grown, Indian produce and so I could lay my hands on Thotakura and Bacchali kura for the first time ever, in US!

Some photographs of Rajani’s garden!
Gongura plants in a Pot!

Bacchali in a pot, Teega Bacchali, Thotakura, Dosa paadu

Thotakura, Pudina

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